Thursday, November 18, 2004

Real-time design patterns

I'm teaching OOAD/DP (Object Oriented Analysis and Design) and (Object Oriented Design Patterns) this week in Dewitt (East Syracuse), NY. One of my students asked about resourses for real-time design patterns, so I shot a quick email to my fellow developers at OCI.

Chris Cleeland had this to say:
I just stumbled across which looks like an interesting collection of realtime-related patterns--and it's free.
In response to my question about Real-Time Design Patterns by Bruce Powel Douglass, Mike Martinez had this to say:
I am in the process of reading it. So far it appears pretty
thorough. It addresses the major issues of real time software, which
are not normally considered with most pattern treatments.

I would recommend the book on the basis of the application of patterns
to the RT domain.
Anyone else have any comments?

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