Wednesday, February 28, 2007

int to String under Managed C++

I have been doing a little managed C++ at work the last couple of days. Did you know you could do this:

System::String^ str = gcnew System::String("");
str += 5;
System::Console::WriteLine(str); // prints: 5

or simply:

System::String^ str = "";
str += 5;
System::Console::WriteLine(str); // prints: 5

or even:

System::String^ str;
str += 5;
System::Console::WriteLine(str); // prints: 5

The 5 is converted to a String for you. After working with C++ for so many years without a simple way to convert an int to a string this is nice. Might not seem like that big a deal, but these little things add up.

CityDesk on Vista

I use CityDesk to maintain my kid's school website: Providence Christian Academy. It would not run under Vista because it needed the DHTML Editing Control. However, a quick download and install and I was up and running again.

Firefox on Vista

As some of you know, I have started using Windows Vista Business on my work laptop. I received a free version for participating in Power Together campaign. I prefer Firefox to IE, even IE7, so I wanted to make it the default browser on Vista. I looked around and it appears that many people are having problems getting this to work. Here is what I did:

- Run Firefox as Administrator by right-clicking on the icon in the Quick Launch Toolbar.
- Select Tools->Options->MainTab
- Click "Check Now" button under System Defaults.
- Indicate you want Firefox as the default browser.
- Close Firefox (remember you are running as Administrator.

Works great.