Sunday, April 08, 2007

5 Things About Myself

I was blog tagged by Weiqi Gao. I'm not really sure what that means, but I will follow the lead of others and tell 5 things that you probably don't know about me.

1. I think I was a freshman in high school when I built a bomb that almost killed me. Actually it was suppose to be a rocket, but it didn't quite go as planned. I took an empty CO2 cartridge (the kind used for beebee guns) and stuffed it full of match heads. I put the CO2 cartridge in a PVC pipe and lit it. I'm fortunate that it was a very cold day and I had many layers of clothes on. My clothes were full of holes and it is only the grace of God that kept me from killing myself. Only one piece of PVC pipe made it into my right arm. I still have the scar from where they cut it out. Also the side of my folks garage siding is still perforated with holes.

2. In my small high school (graduating class of 50) I was the school high jumper in track-n-field. My personal best was 5'10" which was over my height of 5'8". I also participated in a school record in the 440 yard relay.

3. I wouldn't say I'm a big music fan. I own very few CDs. Normally I listen to classical while driving. However, I do like the band Third Day.

4. My first computer was an Apple II+ my dad bought when I was in grade school. I thaught myself to program Apple Basic by listening to tapes that came with the computer.

5. Many of you know that I'm a 'born again Christian'. I align myself with the Reformed Christian faith. One of my favorite books is: The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination by Loraine Boettner.

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Jim Comas said...


Wow, that CO2 bomb story resonates. Did I ever tell you about the July 4th when the neighbor kid blew up part of his hand. Same deal: match heads in a CO2 cartridge.

Its 3 O'clock in the morning and his dad and I are out on their front lawn with flashlights looking for 3 of the kid's fingers. Yes, only by the Grace of God was the boy not killed.

I remember almost lighting the neighbor's lawn on fire experimenting with a magnifying glass and matches as a kid.

Ahhh ... Good Times ... (Well, at least Surreal Times) ... How did we ever survive?